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Need A Getaway?


Experience Paris "Virtually" And Complete Two Impressionist Paintings

With Wanderlust Art & Travel!

Ever Feel Like...

  • I’m lacking motivation to paint

  • I can’t come up with a good composition

  • I can’t transfer my ideas onto canvas

  • I’m overwhelmed with ideas and can’t narrow it down

  • I’m stuck at home all the time because of the pandemic

  • I can’t put my voice into my painting

  • I’m not excited to paint or create anymore

  • I can’t find a way to encourage myself on a painting

  • I don’t know how to tell a story with my art work

  • Now that I can’t travel or get out much, my creativity seems to have dried up


A Breathtaking Virtual Experience With Easy, Proven Steps To Help You...

  • Put Inspiration Into Your Art And Create Stories

  • Get Clear Direction In All Your Creations

  • Create Meaningful Pieces Of Art You'll Be Proud Of

  • Reclaim The Magic Of Your Creativity

  • Stop Procrastinating And Start Painting

  • Create Masterpieces Based On Your Experiences

  • Experience Different Cultures To Influence Your Art

  • Find Your Muse Through Each Travel Experience

  • Ignite Your Creative Juices Like Never Before

  • Change Up Your Art Based On Travel Locations

  • Create Exciting And Unique Storytelling Visuals

  • Virtually Travel Without Ever Leaving Your Home

  • Start Using Your God Given Talents

  • Experience And Learn Art History


Here's a Sneak Peek!

Part One: Virtual Travel Experience




Learn about the culture, arts, history and artists with this immersive virtual experience. You’ll stroll through the streets of Montmartre, the historical arts district of Paris, to pull inspiration and expand your creativity like never before. You'll see things through the eyes of the Impressionists and focus on their style and techniques. 


Part Two: Downloadable Workbook


I’ve provided this workbook to expand on our virtual trip. Using the workbook along with the Influence video we cover what you took away from the trip, thoughts, and break down our inspiration into a story to create our art composition. This is a great way to dig deep and come up with fun, interesting art pieces.

Part Three: Step By Step Painting Tutorial




After taking our fun virtual trip, and breaking down what inspired us, we take our story and turn it into a composition. I’ll help you step by step to create a fun painting based on the inspiration from the trip. You can have fun creating your own painting using the technique of storytelling. Follow along with me in completing this painting, change it up, or do something completely different. So many ideas to choose from! Aside from that you’ll also learn some fun techniques you can incorporate into other works of art. 




Students often want to know what materials I use in each of my courses. The great news is that you can really use anything you like! Wanderlust Art & Travel was created to be flexible. You can use the course to become inspired and do whatever you like artistically, or you can follow along and copy what I've created. Take a look at the materials video I created for the course and if you like, you can view the exact materials I used to create this Impressionist painting!

PLUS...Five Bonuses

Bonus 1 - Facebook Group

($47 Value)

Access to a growing collective of artists who support one another, give feedback, and share ideas. Community enhances our lives by stirring hard to articulate feelings and inspiring us to look beyond what we believe to be possible and imagine a more exciting future. It’s a reminder that we’re all creatives, it doesn’t matter the field. Telling stories, sharing experiences and building each other up. We’re all connected. 

Bonus 2 - Email Support

($47 Value)

You'll have access to Master Artist Margie Resto via email. She is there to answer your questions, provide support and encouragement.

Bonus 3 - Audio Transcripts

($47 Value)

Many people prefer to learn via the written word. I'm including downloadable audio transcripts for you to place in your workbook and artist journal.

Bonus 4 - Coaching Call

($97 Value)

You’ll even get a chance to get your works critiqued and get some insight on techniques. This is great to get you unstuck and continue your momentum in your art. Not only that, but you’ll get tips from your fellow students.

Bonus 5 - Additional Art Project

Cafe Break In Montmartre

($198 Value)

I take you on another walking tour of the Arts District uncovering history and inspiration we didn't see on our first experience. Then...I take you back to the studio and we complete another art piece from start to finish. Our inspiration is a famous cafe that many of the Masters frequented back in the 19th century.

What You're Gonna Get...

  • A Virtual Trip Through Paris Including Video Travel Experience and Workbook ($99 value)

  • Step By Step Video Painting Tutorial - A View From My Window ($99 value)

  • Bonus Virtual Trip Through The Montmartre Arts District ($99 value)

  • Bonus Step By Step Video Painting Tutorial - Cafe Break In Montmartre ($99 value)

  • Bonus 1 - Private Facebook Group ($47 Value)

  • Bonus 2 - Email Support ($47 Value)

  • Bonus 3 - Audio Transcripts ($47 Value)

  • Bonus 4 - Weekly Live Coaching Call ($97 Value)

Total Value: $634

How It Works

Most trips abroad take weeks if not months to plan. Passport, hotel reservations, sightseeing plans, etc. Not here! As soon as you register, you'll have immediate access on your "virtual" journey to Paris. Through the Wanderlust Collective Learning Portal, you'll begin with me as your tour guide walking you through the historical arts district within minutes of registering.

Then, I'll lead you through an "influence" exercise to help expand your mind on what you experienced. Journaling is hugely important to the growth of an artist, and I want you to get everything you can out of this experience. Next, we'll sit down and start our art project. I give you the exact art materials and supplies I use so you can be ready to get started. 

You'll also get access to our private Collective right away as well so you can share, ask questions, and be encouraged by hundreds of fellow artists just like you. 


You don't need to wait weeks for this journey, you can get started in minutes!



The Results

Make your art piece stand out through storytelling.The power of visuals: telling a story through images rather than words. It’s not that simple. You need the tools to come up with your story. Those tools can include photos, videos, and inspirational experiences. You need to know where to even start, and I help you really dig deeper in your art by using this technique. I’ll take you step by step through the travel experience, teach you how to pull ideas to come up with your composition for a painting.

I’ll use the story for my painting as an example, and you can follow along and create your own.You’ll learn how to paint in acrylics using the loose impressionistic style. These are techniques you can implement into other art pieces. Techniques such as bold strokes, and pure colors to make your painting pop. I will guide you step by step in painting your art piece. When needed I’m just an email away. You’re not alone in this art journey.

Some Students Thought...

  • If I can't really travel, I don’t believe it will work...



  • I’ve tried so many other products, how is this different?



  • I don't think this will motivate me...



  • I don’t have enough time...

They Discovered...

  • In these times not all artists have the ability to get together or travel.  But...just like Zoom meetings, we've all found ways to overcome our situation. You can too!


  • MOST artists don't struggle because they can't learn techniques, it's because of their mindset and beliefs. We bring together all the important elements of learning, not just techniques.


  • Artists are free spirits, we need to get out and travel to find our muses. With this travel experience you'll find inspiration that fl­­­ows right out of you like never before. 


  • We all have the same 24 hours in a day, it's about how you use the time that you have. You can do this Anytime from Anywhere. Spend less Time trying to find inspiration and do what you love best...Creating!


Imagine waking up each day excited to experience different travels and create like never before!

Why Now?


Now that we're all stuck at home, this couldn't be a better time to get out of our daily ruts, and find motivation to create. Stop wasting time and energy trying to figure it all out, or waiting for inspiration to strike. Why be stuck in the cycle of insanity hoping for things to happen? Start exploring and fuel your art journey today.


Don’t Let Another Day Go By Change Your Journey Today!

Don't take MY word for it

Check out our member testimonials

"The Wanderlust Collective helped me to not overthink whatsoever and just feel into what I wanted to draw and paint. Margie helped me to not focus on the outcome, but just stay in the present. She showed me how to keep things simple and overcome artist block. She allowed me to not live in my head, but lead with my heart"


Chris A, Minneapolis, MN

Why Should You Trust Me?

Art Exhibition: I’ve been exhibiting and teaching art for over 20 years. In fact, I was blessed to exhibit in some of the most prestigious places around. Take a look at my bio to see what I’ve done in my art career.

Teacher:  My true passion lies in teaching. I’ve taught all ages from private instruction up to the university level.

Business Owner:  My love of teaching is why I started The Wanderlust Collective where we currently have over 3,000 students who get to experience art through travel, inspiration, and community.

I Care:  More importantly, I’ve been right where you are. It’s why I developed Wanderlust Art & Travel. I realize not everyone can travel as much as they like, so I've created a program where you can find your inspiration and fill your creative void right from wherever you choose to be. 

Hi There, I'm Margie

I’m a traditional realist painter who depicts the figure through the beauty of color, and the effects of light and texture. I was elected a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America (PSA), and my work has appeared in over 20 regional and national juried exhibitions, including the PSA, the Catherine Lorrilard Wolfe Club, the Salmagundi Club, The Connecticut Pastel Society and Allied Artists of America.

I’ve won numerous prizes and honors, including best-in-show awards. Primarily a figurative artist, I create paintings that portray a timeless elegance and serenity through the concentration of color, light, and textures.

I regard my inspirations and artistic talents as gifts from God. Each of my paintings have something specific to say communicating both the emotional and spiritual essence of creation.

In addition to my successful journey as an exhibiting artist, I have over 20 years teaching in many different venues. I’ve taught all ages from private instruction up to the university level. I consider it one of my greatest passions to pass all I’ve learned onto the next generation of painters and artists.​

About Wanderlust

There is a painting by Caspar David Friedricht that speaks volumes on wanderlust and was a huge inspiration to me in forming this collective. The painting is titled “The Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog”. It shows a man overlooking a beautiful scene of mountains and cliffs. I love this piece because it shows a moment of self-reflection, inspiration, and overcoming obstacles.

He is rising above it all. Standing confidently on a very high mountain looking out into a sea of clouds and faded mountains in the distance, as if to say I made it. I am sure many of you out there are on this very journey of trying to climb a mountain.

My vision is to help you reach new heights with your work, and also help you change your mindset. I want you to think outside the box.


The Wanderlust Collective is about you, finding your voice in the art world.  It’s about you gaining confidence, taking control, not settling and surrounding yourself with people that want to get ahead.  It is about taking control of your life and finally bringing your desire to learn and grow to reignite the passion to create.

"The Wanderlust Collective is about you, finding your voice in the art world."

Margie Resto

The Wanderlust Collective is about a community that helps you express yourself, feed your creativity, learn, grow and bring that dream, that passion back to life and get you revved up with possibilities.  It's about a lifestyle. There are many benefits to being creative. It helps you see things differently and deal with uncertainty. A study showed that creative people can adapt their thinking to allow for the unknown. There is something to being creative.

This is a safe place, where you will find support, inspiration, and learn at your pace on your time.

What is it that you need, want?   What are your desires? What motivates and inspires you?  Where are you in your life, career, art? We want to help you get you going in the right direction and answer these questions and more so you can start on your journey to success!

5 Reasons Artists MUST Travel...

Even Virtually

  • To Fill the Well

    Julia Cameron, creativity guru and author of The Artist’s Way, says creative people draw upon an inner well to create what she likens to a well-stocked trout pond. When an artist feels she has nothing more to say, it’s because the well is empty. To continue to create, we must “consciously replenish our creative resources as we draw on them—to restock the trout pond.” 

  • Shake It Up

    All creative people get into ruts. Give yourself a weekend—or, better yet, a month—in a new place, and I’m sure you too will have a new approach to your work.

  • Inspiration

    There’s nothing like the Whammo! Eureka! feeling of inspiration that hits like a lightning bolt. I find that it’s when I take myself to new places and experience new things that inspiration seems to find me most easily. Try it and see.

  • Time to Create

    You'd think with all this time at home, we would all be even more creative than ever. Sadly, at least for me, this just isn't true. All the changes have really thrown my creativity game off, and it's really hard to find the motivation some days. For many artists, the hidden secret wasn't just travel, but having the time to really experience and immerse yourself into the journey. Taking some time away from Netflix binge watching and Zoom meetings to go on a virtual art journey may be just the ticket to get your creative juices flowing again. 

  • New Perspective On The Everyday

    G. K. Chesterton may have put it best: “The whole object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land; it is at last to set foot on one’s own country as a foreign land.” The art that moves me the most is art that helps me see the ordinary in an extraordinary way. By providing yourself with new contexts to compare to your everyday, travel makes you see your own world with new eyes.

Korenne, Elisa. “5 Excellent Reasons Artists Should Travel The World.” Frayed Passport,

"After years of traveling and incorporating this awesome method into my art, I’ve found myself creating effortlessly. This has brought the fun back into my artwork. I want to share my method with you, and help you feel more inspired to create. Feel motivated and inspired to create masterpieces you didn’t know were inside of you. Learn about art history, explore other cultures, and ignite that passion that's hidden deep within you."


Margie Resto, PSA

Founder, Wanderlust Collective

Who It's For...

  • For artists who are stuck and have lost their motivation to create

  • Artist who are tired of being at home and can't travel to find their muses

  • Artists who are looking for an easier way to come up with fun compositions that tell a story

  • Artists who are frustrated and don't know how to put their ideas on canvas

  • Artists that are tired of the same scene day in and day out and need inspiration


  • Artists who can't travel around the world, but understand the importance of experiencing different things to help their creativity


Who It's Not For...

  • Already have all the motivation needed

  • Are happy in their creative life

  • Have the guidance they need

  • Found their muses for their art

  • Have a successful flow

  • Have no trouble finding inspiration

My Promise To You:

All of my products are developed and tested in conjunction with my students, so I know they work. But, sometimes, just like a gourmet meal, my teaching and techniques aren’t a match for a particular student. And I’m ok with that. So I offer a no questions asked 30 day return policy on all of my products. All I ask is that you let me know why my product didn’t work for you so I can improve what I do in future projects. Fair enough? 


  • How long will this take?

    This entire course is about 3 hours long. Everything is broken down into segments. Each segment breaks the experience out so that you can take your time learning and processing the trip. You can do this on your own time, from the comfort of your home.

  • What does it come with?

    There's a video and workbook you can journal with to learn how to bring your visual story to life. It's a fun step by step process to help you narrow down your ideas. You can use this guide to take away the overwhelm of trying to bring your vision to life. 

  • What if I just can't get it?

    I offer email support, a weekly coaching call for Q&A, and you'll also get access to The Wanderlust Collective Private Facebook Group. I promise, you'll get it if you are willing to apply the techniques. And, we're a safe, friendly community that's here to support our fellow Wanderlusters.


    We all get better together, that’s our motto!

  • What do I need to practice?

    I provide the materials list and medium used in the video. For this painting I used acrylics. You also get links to the exact products used. But, I always encourage my students to use what they are comfortable with. 

  • How does the coaching call work?

    Each week, I host a one hour live coaching session where you can come on and ask questions. I don’t normally teach a lesson during this time, but occasionally I’ll throw out some tips. You'll also have access to the replays of this session.

  • How fast can I get help via email?​

    I normally respond to emails within 24-36 hours, unless I’m traveling. I’m happy to help via email, especially if it’s personal, but I also encourage everyone to post in the group. By posting in the group, I’m able to not only help you, but others who may be experiencing the same issues.

You Deserve To Succeed...Up Your Game Today!

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