Wanderlust Art & Travel 2020 Season


Are you struggling to find inspiration and creativity these days? Then "Come Join Me" as we travel the globe experiencing art, culture, history and entertainment. We'll fill up that creativity tank and then take it back to the studio and I'll lead you through the creation of your masterpiece from start to finish. The 2020 season took us to Paris, Madrid, Brussels and Nashville. 4 unique experiences with 4 complete paintings. More destinations coming in 2021!

Ever sit down at a canvas and just stare at it wishing you could just create effortlessly? Or...Ever wonder why you lack inspiration or creativity at times?


The sad reality is that none of this YOUR FAULT! Going back through history, MOST of the Master Artists suffered from mental roadblocks that held them back at one time or another. But...ALL of these mental impediments to creation can be overcome with the right system. 


After 20 years of teaching art, I compiled all my best "tools" that I've used to help my students overcome their obstacles. The Artist Toolbox gives you 7 simple tools and strategies that you can use every time you create to breakthrough those challenging road blocks. It's the fastest way I've found to get past the frustration and onto what we love best...creating beautiful art.

Ready To Take Your Art To The Next Level??


Then this Master Class is PERFECT for you. Targeted for both beginners and intermediate painters, this course walks you through 5 mediums where I will guide you through each step to portrait completion. I cover Sketching & Drawing, Acrylics, Oils, Watercolors and Pastels. I even created a couple of bonus modules on developing the mindset of an artist.


This course will give you a great foundational knowledge of the techniques and skills necessary to grow in your craft.. It will give you the confidence to tackle bigger and more challenging projects. From a mental perspective, it gives you the tools and road map to know how to continue on the learning path. And, by being plugged into the Wanderlust Collective community, you'll have developed a virtual enclave of like minded, positive artists to share, encourage, and be lifted up by.

Introduction To Drawing Course Trailer

Did You Know That Every Great Artist Is Also A Master Of Drawing And Sketching?


To really "master" painting, you need to become great at drawing. So...I've created a bundle of courses that will allow you to grow and develop these skills.


Introduction To Drawing: In this 5 part course I'll take you through the beginning steps to become a master at drawing. We'll learn about the value scale, textures, shapes, and I'll even toss in some great examples.


Values Drawing Course: In this tutorial, I take drawing to a much higher level by going deep on values. This is an important skill that  trains the eyes  to see subtle changes of light and shadow. A successful drawing has a full range of value.  That’s where the value scale comes in, and takes your drawings to the next level. The mediums used are graphite, charcoal, and white chalk, on tinted paper. This class will change the way you see your drawings and art in general.  


Dali Inspired Demo: Off we go to Spain to complete a surrealistic drawing based on the work of Salvador Dali! In this short demo take you on a virtual mini trip with me to Barcelona. I”ll show you exactly what inspired me to create my art piece. Starting from the drawing phase all the way to a finished composition. By the end of this demonstration, you’ll have the inspiration to experiment and dive in yourself. 

Curious About Using Acrylics?


Then this bundle is PERFECT for you. These two courses will help you grow your skills and also gain confidence in your painting with acrylics. This is a fun way to dive right in and go at your own pace. 


Introduction To Acrylics: In this course I'll walk you through 17 different techniques in acrylics. We'll explore techniques such as impasto, stippling, glazing, chiaroscuro, watercolor effect and many more. This is for the beginner who wants to work in acrylics but doesn’t know where to start. You’ll gain the confidence to jump in and experiment with all kinds of techniques in your artwork. This is a fun way to gain confidence in this medium and create work you’ll be proud of. At the end of this course, you’ll be left with boards to reference from as you grow in your art skills


 Acrylics Landscape Demo: We bring all of our learning together to complete a landscape using acrylics. This is for the beginner and is a great way to create a fun painting at your own pace. In this course, we use a simple kit with basic colors to create a landscape. 

Introduction To Acrylics Course Trailer

Still Life In Pastels Trailer

Ever Play With Chalk As A Kid?


Then pastels are definitely for you! These courses are jam packed with everything you need to know about pastels, those beautiful high pigmented sticks that look like candy! I’ll take the mystery out of pastels, and you’ll create beautiful paintings you’ll be proud of. The great thing about pastels is that you get the high saturation of color in your art, start and stop without the time consuming cleanup of other mediums. Pastels give you the versatility of giving a loose sketch a painterly effect, all the way to completing a piece that's realistic. It’s all about how you manipulate the medium and you’ll learn how, while gaining the confidence you need to continue painting all kinds of scenes. 


Still Life In Pastels: In this course, I'll walk you through a complete composition in pastels from start to finish. We go deep into the medium, from learning how to prepare your own boards, sketching, color theory, all the way to completing a painting you’ll be excited about. All of this at your own pace. 


Guinness Pastel Demo: Let's take off to the Emerald Isle as we sketch a most recognizable Irish icon...A pint of Guinness. In this demo, we'll bring together all the practice we did in our courses to complete a full finished painting

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