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Art and Struggle

SEPT 14/ by The Wanderlust Collective / Art, Inspiration, Motivation, Struggle

So, when should an artist just throw in the towel, and bid his or her art adieu? I hear so many stories of people that were painters, and then..

What if I Fail

SEPT 7 / by The Wanderlust Collective / Art, Deep Thought, Inspiration, Motivation

If I told you how many things I failed in my art career and kept trying regardless of failing you’d probably ask why keep going?  I don’t know...why did...

Jan Van Eyck & Arnolfini Portrait

AUG 31/ by The Wanderlust Collective / Art, Artist Spotlight,  Art Focus, Inspiration

When It comes to admiring the master's art, I not only study the paintings but I like to get inside the artist's mind. What inspired them to paint their subject? Who were...



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