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Inspiration: Madrid

NOV 23/ by The Wanderlust Collective / Art,  Art Trip, Inspiration, Madrid, Travel

After coming back from Spain, and exploring the art history in Madrid, I felt a bit overwhelmed. We took a lot of videos and photographs and learned so much. I loved the culture, food, music, dancing, art, and...

My Trip to Madrid

NOV 16/ by The Wanderlust Collective / Art, Art Trip, Inspiration, Madrid, Motivation

Madrid is a beautiful city in the middle of Spain. It gets its name from Arabic “magerit”, which means ‘place of many streams’. It’s filled with...

My Painting Process

NOV 9/ by The Wanderlust Collective / Art, Art Focus, Inspiration, Motivation, My Method

After coming back from Paris, and exploring the rich art history at Montmartre, I had a hard time coming up with a painting idea. I explored so many...



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