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Ink Movement

OCT 26/ by The Wanderlust Collective / Art, Art Focus, Art History, Ink

Ink goes way way back! You see it in cave paintings, scrolls and books. It’s been in our history..

Inside the Mind of

Francisco Goya Lucientes

OCT 19 / by The Wanderlust Collective / Art, Artist Spotlight, Goya, Inspiration, Motivation

What prompted me to write about Goya was my trip to Madrid Spain, this was right before the Covid shutdown. I walked into Plaza Major and saw these beautiful costumes of the bull fighters and...

Inside the Mind of Egon Schiele

OCT 12/ by The Wanderlust Collective / Art,  Art Focus, Artist Spotlight, Inspiration

When I study artist’s works from the past, I always research what their life was like. What made them paint the genre they chose? What were their interests? I found Egon Schiele’s works to be fascinating, because of the...



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