What Is The Wanderlust Collective?

There is a painting by Caspar David Friedricht that speaks volumes on wanderlust and was a huge inspiration to me in forming this collective. The painting is titled “The Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog”. It shows a man overlooking a beautiful scene of mountains and cliffs. I love this piece because it shows a moment of self-reflection, inspiration, and overcoming obstacles.  

He is rising above it all. Standing confidently on a very high mountain looking out into a sea of clouds and faded mountains in the distance, as if to say I made it. I am sure many of you out there are on this very journey of trying to climb a mountain.


My vision Is to help you reach new heights with your work, and also help you change your mindset. I want you to think outside the box.


The Wanderlust Collective is about you, finding your voice in the art world.  It’s about you gaining confidence, taking control, not settling and surrounding yourself with people that want to get ahead.  It is about taking control of your life and finally bringing your desire to learn and grow to reignite the passion to create.

"The Wanderlust Collective is about you, finding your voice in the art world."

Margie Resto

The Wanderlust Collective is about a community that helps you express yourself, feed your creativity, learn, grow and bring that dream, that passion back to life and get you revved up with possibilities.  It is about a lifestyle. There are many benefits to being creative. It helps you see things differently and deal with uncertainty. A study showed that creative people can adapt their thinking to allow for the unknown. There is something to being creative.



At The Wanderlust Collective, you will hear stories and get all kinds of tips to get yourself on track.  Feel confident about the direction you are taking your art and get motivated to keep going. I will share with you my adventures my growth, exciting things as they happen as The Wanderlust Collective continues to develop.  This is a safe place, where you will find support, inspiration, and learn at your pace on your time.


What is it that you need, want?   What are your desires? What motivates and inspires you?  Where are you in your life, career, art? We want to help you get you going in the right direction and answer these questions and more so you can start on your journey to success!

Who Is Margie?

Margie is a traditional realist painter who depicts the figure through the beauty of color, and the effects of light and texture. She has been elected a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America (PSA), and her work has appeared in over 20 regional and national juried exhibitions, including the PSA, the Catherine Lorrilard Wolfe Club, the Salmagundi Club, The Connecticut Pastel Society and Allied Artists of America.


She has won numerous prizes and honors, including best-in-show awards. Primarily a figurative artist, Margie creates paintings that portray a timeless elegance and serenity through the concentration of color, light, and textures.


She regards her inspirations and artistic talents as gifts from God. Each of her paintings have something specific to say communicating both the emotional and spiritual essence of creation.


In addition to her successful journey as an exhibiting artist, Margie has over 15 years teaching in many different venues. She has taught all ages in both a small and large group setting. Margie considers it one of her greatest passions to pass all she has learned onto the next generation of painters and artists.​

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