The Wanderlust Collective

Experiencing Art Through Travel, Inspiration And Community


We desire to fuel our artists with an unconscious burst of creativity. Helping each one find their style and develop their story.


With Wanderlust travels, we strive to give you world experiences. Bringing different perspectives of the world to fuel you to create things that will help you on your journey.


As your guide, we want to bring brilliant, creative flashes of inspiration. By sharing our travels, and influences from around the world to help you create.


With our online community we strive to enable each and every artist to be successful. There we can all get together, ask questions, receive peer to peer support, and share our stories.

The Wanderlust Collective is about you, finding your voice in the art world.  It’s about you gaining confidence, taking control, not settling and surrounding yourself with people that want to get ahead.  It is about taking control of your life and finally bringing your desire to learn and grow to reignite the passion to create.

Take the free assessment test to help determine the kind of artist you are and understand your unique challenges. You'll receive your results and next steps to help prioritize your growth and get you started on your creative journey! 

Margie Resto

Founder & Creator

"I consider it one of my greatest passions to pass all that I have learned onto the next generation of aspiring artists."

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