“Memorias De Mi Infancia”

“Memories Of My Childhood”


Mixed Media Piece by Margie Resto

Did you know that memories of our childhood can shape our artwork? Our earlier life can drive our physical and emotional attention into our work of art.

There is a Surrealist artist I love and relate to very much. Her name is  Remedios Varo and she was born in Girona, Spain in 1908.

There is a Surrealist artist I love and relate to very much. Her name is  Remedios Varo and she was born in Girona, Spain in 1908. Her father was a construction worker who would bring home blueprints for her to copy. The family traveled regularly to Africa and the Iberian Peninsula. During these travels, Varo would keep herself busy by drawing blueprints. When she was eight, her family settled in Madrid. Her father encouraged her to think freely, and inspired her by bringing her fiction books, and mystical literature. 


As a young woman she knew she wanted to be an artist, and these travels and childhood memories inspired much of her work.

This inspired me to dig deeper into my memories and create a piece of art using mixed media. My father also influenced me in my art, and would bring me large posters from his job to use in my art. My mother influenced me with crafting projects. The following piece was influenced by my childhood. 

“There is no must in art, because art is free.”


Wassily Kandinsky

#1 The Base


I started out with Designer Paper, you can find these at any craft store.  There is an array of designs and colors to choose from.

#2 The Sketch


Using a charcoal pencil I sketched out half a face, with her eyes covered. The idea is to bring to mind thoughts, and memories.

#3 Color


I went in with watercolor to add some fluidity and mood to my piece. Using rose, and red for her lips. For her skin I mixed red, and yellow ochre and gave her that deep intense skin color. Watercolor allowed for the design of the paper to show through.

#4 The Blindfold


For her blindfold I used Mod Podge and gauze. Brush on Mod Podge with a brush to the area first. Then start slowly adding the gauze to the glue. I kept adding more glue as needed to seal it all in. Make sure to let this dry if you are going to paint over it.

#5 Added Art


I decided to add some whimsical floral designs to the piece by using my gel markers. I didn’t overthink this, I let it all flow. This is a great way to work, let intuition take over.

#6 Layering


Using images and quotes I printed out, I began to layer to tell my story. This is where your printer, magazine, pictures and found objects come in handy.  I also used a small gear I found in a craft store. These come in packages.  I used the same Mod Podge to seal and glue these pieces down.

#7 More Color


At this point I wanted to add more vibrancy and start bringing my composition together by using more watercolors. I used cobalt blue and sepia to add more drama.

#8 Second Base


Yup, you heard correct! I added a second base...paper to create dimension and texture. I used a 12x12 card stock paper I found as the foundation for my piece. I ripped my paper up to create texture and glued it down and sealed it on top with my Mod Podge.

#9 Oil Pastels


After my piece was fully dry, I grabbed some oil pastels to add even more color and depth to my piece. Using my blue oil pastel I painted along the edges and rubbed it in with my finger. I then took red and added more color intensity to my flowers.

This was a fun mixed media art piece, and every time I glance at it, I'll be reminded of my fun childhood.

I hope this inspired you to step out of the box and start creating. You don’t need much, just your memories, found objects, and glue!


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Happy Creating!



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